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Muay Talay (Sea Boxing) at Attachai Muaythai Gym

We had an early birthday celebration for Attachai Fairtex on Sunday, 28 May 2017 with lots of good food, drinks, and a fun-filled Muay Talay competition with our students, instructors and friends!!

Muay Talay, which means ‘sea boxing’ in Thai, is a fun variation of its better-known cousin Muay Thai. This game is very simple: two participants wearing boxing gloves sit astride on a pole which is suspended over a body of water. The participants can use punches and kicks to knock their opponent off the pole and into the water below. The match is decided once a participant falls into the water.

Before we commenced with the Muay Talay competition, we wrote all the names of the participants and dropped it into a bowl for random picks.

Round 1

As luck would have it, our very own Attachai was the first name picked out of the bowl!

His opponent is Lisa from Japan.

On paper, it would look like an easy win for Attachai. But in Muay Talay, you can never be too sure!

Attachai started the bout aggressively, aiming a flurry of punches at Lisa. However, Lisa held her own and countered with a few punches of her own. An uncharacteristic over-swing saw Attachai topple from the pole, but he managed to hang on.

Lisa took full advantage of the moment and, after a few more punches, managed to send Attachai plunging into the water. What a great start to the competition!


The competition progressed, with lots of fun and laughter from the participants and spectators.

Cindy (Singapore) VS No (Thailand)

Maika (Japan) VS Andrei (Russia)

Our very own instructor Kru Khom (Thailand) VS Noom (Thailand)

Chervon (Singapore) VS Chang (Thailand)

After the competition has ended, some of the participants either went for the swim or took the boats out for a ride in the lake.

At around 7 pm, two beautiful cakes were brought out and everyone started singing “Happy Birthday” to Attachai. After blowing the candles out and cutting the cake, several cake-to- face incidents happened, with Attachai taking most of it.

All in all, it was a fantastic day of fun for everyone! Now, whose birthday is next?

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