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A special class on a special day where all students and trainers learn the culture of a Muaythai fight. We began with the Wai Kru ritual. (Translated into Thai as “Respect for teacher”) We mimicked a real muaythai fight to learn the rules & culture of a Muaythai fight. The importance of every role in…

EVERYDAY IS A FUN LOVIN’ TRAINING DAY AT ATTACHAI MUAYTHAI GYM!!!!!!!!!!!! #happymuaythai Learn more with Attachai Fairtex at Attachai Muay Thai Gym Bangkok, On Nut 36. Contact us at Improve your fight game, Train with the best, Fight like a genius 101 tricks under Attachai’s sleeves. On Nut 36, Bangkok Thailand

Beginners Muay Thai Training Program

Attachai kicking pads w/ Khru Ray at Khanomtom Muay Thai Tampa


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