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In the fourth episode of Attachai’s Secrets Revealed, Kru Attachai Fairtex teaches us how to break your opponent’s balance and make them fall in the simplest and fastest moves.

Attachai Fairtex (Por Somranchai) is a 3 time Muay Thai World Legendary Champion from Thailand. Known in Thailand as the “Left hand from god”, he possesses superior fight intelligence and Muaythai techniques. Attachai uses all the weapons of Muay Thai with precise and well thought out techniques, displaying poise and balance throughout his fights.. With 200 professional Muay Thai fights under his belt and a 90%-win record, he has been voted as one of the greatest fighters of his era by Thai media.

Learn more with Attachai Fairtex at Attachai Muay Thai Gym Bangkok, On Nut 36.
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